The Brief

When ISHKA Irish Spring Water approached us they wanted to grow and develop their ISHKA brand through tailored digital marketing techniques. We took over their website and devised a digital marketing strategy that was based on brand analysis, competitor research and our extensive web and social media management experience.

The Idea

As with all of our successful client relationships, we encourage regular communication and transparent feedback to make sure we’re delivering on our outputs. We have regular face-to-face check-ins with the ISHKA team and keep each other updated weekly via WhatsApp and email.

More specifically, we’ve delivered on their brief by:

  • Building a customer profile that was based on data from ISHKA’s existing customers and used it to create a plan for growing and scaling the brand’s target personas
  • Using our data insight to establish a number of lookalike audiences on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, and used this to target new customers
  • Adding the Facebook re-marketing pixel to the website and then targeting those who’d visited the site with a social media advertising campaign
  • Quarterly building a bank of new images and valuable video content
  • Using this raw content to create a long-term content plan and creative content schedule that’s regularly posted across the brand’s social media channels
  • Redesigning and rebuilding a new website that would attract new visitors and provide a better online experience overall
  • Redefining all of ISHKA’s online touchpoints and implementing a marketing strategy that includes trade print ads, influencers and strategic partnerships

The Results

This is what we’ve achieved so far:

  • ISHKA’s owned social media following and audience engagement across all major channels has significantly increased
  • Their social media activity now accounts for up to 40% of their overall brand traffic
  • Social media ad campaigns have gained a reach of more than 200k a month
  • Their company Instagram account now receives more than 1,000 profile visits a week
  • We’ve built so many successful campaigns for new products launches
  • The business continues to grow and their brand exposure continues to rapidly rise by the month
  • Social ad revenue has become the most cost effective marketing method, generating significant returns earned for each euro spent on social advertising

“The team at Let’s Get Social have always kept the goal of increasing national brand awareness to the fore. Whether telling our story or introducing a new concept/product, we’re confident that we’re in the right place and with the right team!”

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